NEW MYOB ESSENTIALS addresses 8 necessities of online accounting

MYOB Essentials, formerly known as MYOB LiveAccounts, now released
Focuses on three pillars: easy to use, on-the-go and better value for users.

Thanks to extensive testing of the user interface and responding to feedback during the test phase, MYOB Essentials not only covers all the essentials a small business needs, but does it at an extremely affordable price with no hidden costs and no locked-in contract. It is also web-based, which means you can access it from any device with an Internet connection and browser.

The MYOB Essentials range caters to a wide range of user types, from sole traders to business owners with employees, and covers the following eight necessities of online accounting:  Read more…

Need a hand moving #yourBUSINESS to the cloud?

You know there's value in having your business processes in the cloud
Every week you mean to start, but sometimes that's as far as you get.

You're not alone. Finding time to develop a plan and get started is a significant hurdle for many business owners and bookkeepers we talk to.

That's where GJB can help.

Cloud accounting provides excellent value for businesses. And we can help you start realising those benefits sooner with our Crawl / Walk / Run program.

GJB's Crawl / Walk / Run program has three clear benefits for you and your business:  Read more…