Our History, Our Leadership

GJB's Founder Geoff Barnett did not believe in taking a dictatorial stance with his staff. He understood that he needed to lead by delegating and giving people the opportunity to gain experience. His staff loved that he was always helpful; training and retraining as necessary so they felt empowered in their roles. Geoff took an interest in his staff as people, not just as workers in the business. He was the sort of boss who knew what was happening in everyone's lives and how their families were going. 

After working under his father at the firm for many years, Glenn Barnett learnt a lot about leadership and inspiring people. Today he emulates Geoff's values as well as bringing his own flavour of leadership to the mix by focussing on building effectiveness into the firm. Glenn continues to delegate and empower his team, as Geoff did, so that he can spend as much time as possible working 'on' the business.

Glenn has a very thorough and structured approach that has freed up a lot of his time and that of his staff members, allowing them to spot and pursue client service opportunities. Cloud computing is one tool that Glenn has incorporated into the business to make things more efficient for both staff and clients. Glenn also offers all of his staff the ability to work remotely if desired.

If there was one thing that characterises Glenn's leadership it is his open door policy. An outsider might not even realise that Glenn is the business owner at first as his team members feel so comfortable approaching him for advice. These sorts of conversations are very much about collaboration; everyone is expected to generate ideas and then work in partnership with each other to see if their thoughts are feasible. Glenn's leadership is very focussed on allowing people to run their own show while knowing they have Glenn and the firm's support.