JobKeeper Payment

It's true, the JobKeeper legislation passed yesterday, however we are still waiting on more information from the Treasury and ATO.

Please click here for summaries of the current state of play.

As more information is available, we will provide it to you, if and when you feel it may be relevant to your circumstances.

Unfortunately the finer detail of how the scheme will operate has not been confirmed.

Only a framework has been devised and the rules as such are not all currently available. As previously announced the ATO will be given certain discretion on who may be eligible.

It's anticipated the ATO will make further information available once the Treasury has released the rules.

We believe this information is imminent and as soon as it is available we will be able to confirm what the answers are to your many questions.

We are not expecting any major changes to how the scheme will operate, but that we, at this point, are unable to answer some of the finer questions on the detail.

We refer you to the frequently asked questions available on the link included above.

Thank you for your patience and we wish you all the best over the Easter long weekend.


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