Spring - A Time For Change

Spring is here, a time to start fresh and shake off those winter blues
You can smell the change in the air, that incomparable feeling as you breath in deep and sun shines down on you with a promise of warmth and bright skies.

Spring brings with it the opportunity for fresh beginnings, renewal and regrowth and on Saturday, this country that we call home, decided it was ready for change. Ready to shake off the cobwebs and rejuvenate the leadership of Australia.

Love him or hate him, or somewhere in between, we have a new leader. Tony Abbott, who has presented himself as a man who is determined to make changes, will no doubt be swift in starting his spring clean.

As Leo Tolstoy wrote in Anna Karenina "Spring is the time of plans and projects" and the new leader will spend the next 100 days doing exactly that. Australia's political spring is forecasted to be marked by a push to axe the carbon tax and to "stop the boats." The Liberal leader has also shared with Australia his plans to abolish the mining tax, overturn Labor's changes to fringe benefits tax, remove the low income super offset and to eradicate the schoolkids' bonus. Tony also plans to delay the increases in the superannuation guarantee levy and to launch an inquiry into the cost of childcare in Australia.  Read more…

Sydney accountants and business advisers G J Barnett & Associates have been awarded for their dedication and service to clients and team
At the recent annual conference for the Proactive Accountants Network (PAN) held in Queenstown last week, the firm was awarded Best Accounting Business to Work In 2013.

Proactive Accountants Network represents more than 350 high performing accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand. Members must demonstrate a consistent level of excellence in being 'proactive with their clients'.

Over 200 accountants attended the conference and the awards, which were held at the AJ Hackett Bungy Centre. To celebrate the win Director Glenn Barnett was part of the award ceremony festivities, which saw 35 accountants bungy off the famous Kawarau Bridge on the night.

Director Glenn Barnett said, "GJB is proud to have such a long-standing team and believes that this is testament to the quality of our workplace. The knock-on effects for our business are innumerable, not only in the quality of our work, but in the unique culture that makes our firm a wonderful place to work." Read more…

We're recognised as Australasia's best accounting business in which to work
G J Barnett & Associates awarded the best accounting business in which to work at the Proactive Accountants Network (PAN) Australasian Conference held in Queenstown last week.

GJB Principal Glenn Barnett received the award in front of 150 accounting peers and industry sponsors.

As part of his acceptance speech, Glenn dedicated the award to his late father Geoff Barnett who founded the business in 1979 and established the culture that is enjoyed by the team to this day.

Glenn took over the reins four years ago, "I knew from the outset that this was the category we needed to enter so it was a matter of documenting all the initiatives we have in place to make our business a desirable place to come and work every day," says Glenn. "It's all down to Dad; it's his legacy which we keep alive today. It was an added bonus to be recognised on our first attempt."

PAN Director Colin Dunn says, "G J Barnett & Associates' submission for this award was found to be so compelling by the judges because it was supported by glowing testimonials from several very long-standing team members who clearly love working there."

"The PAN conference is not about technical learning. We attend as business owners wanting new ideas and insights on how to run a better accounting business," says Glenn. "PAN's conference is a stand-out in our industry, and the awards evening was a fun way to spend some down time with industry colleagues and end the week on a high note."

"GJB is proud to have such a long-standing team and believes that this is testament to the quality of our workplace. The knock-on effects for our business are innumerable, not only in the quality of our work, but in the unique culture that makes our firm a wonderful place to work."

Katrina and Glenn accept their award on behalf of GJB

Bridging gaps

We all know the quickest and most efficient way to get from A to B is a straight line, but what do we do when there is a gaping hole in the straight line?

Do we rush through and try to go around and follow an ad-hoc undefined path to our destination, or do we pause, develop a plan and build a bridge from A to B creating a clean path to where we want to go?

This is a question that Team GJB has faced numerous times over the years, and like many other people faced with this conundrum, we picked the ad-hoc undefined, roundabout way to get to our destination. This method was chosen as we never felt that we had the time to plan a proper strategy to build that bridge directly to our destination. But as always happens when you fail to plan, our quick get arounds and short cuts, started to become lengthy hindrances.

So in October last year we decided to do away with the roundabouts and to sit down, create some plans and build those bridges. We set a firm wide target that would be a true representation of the success of bridging our gaps and set an ambitious goal of 31 December to complete our tasks.

We picked areas of our business that needed defined procedures and systems to become efficient, streamlined and more effective. We tackled communication issues (internal and external), workflow management, key performance indicators and that huge area of ensuring that the tasks and projects in the office were assigned to the most appropriate team members (as opposed to the person currently doing it, just because they always have).

Together we set about brainstorming efficiencies, documenting procedures and implementing stringent polices that entrenched best practice solutions into our organisation. Essentially turning the firm on its head in some areas.

Then after three months of tackling what we had previously thought was impossible, we were done. We had built all the bridges we had set out to and now had a series of straight paths from A to B covering communication, workflow management and team performance. Read more…

Being Social

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