October 2017 Newsletter

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There were a couple of housing-based superannuation contribution proposals contained in this year's Federal Budget, for which draft legislation has finally been tabled. We run over the finer details that have been revealed.

And if you or anyone you know has considered driving an Uber car to earn some extra income, we have some essential information that you need to understand. However if you are already a higher income earner, note that a certain income threshold has recently dropped (by $50,000!) that may catch a lot of taxpayers unexpectedly.

We also look at immediate deductions for start-up businesses, and go over the car parking FBT exemptions for small business.

Please contact us for clarification, or further advice, regarding any of the topics covered in this newsletter.

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Tax time is now here!

The new financial year is now upon us, which means it is personal tax return time!

G J Barnett and Associates have got a variety of ways to help you get your tax done.

You can book a face-to-face meeting with one of our accountants to talk through your tax matters.

To save you more time, you can communicate with us by phone, email or through our secure electronic portal and we can work with you to finalise your tax without you even needing to visit the office if you want. Either way is fine.

We have your history on file and access to a range of deduction finders for each profession that we can provide to you to help you work out your deductions in advance.

We're always looking for better ways to help you deal with your tax issues and maximise your returns.

Just contact us and we'll get things moving for you.

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Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter is of a general nature only and is not personal financial or investment advice. Also, changes in legislation may occur frequently. We recommend that our formal advice be obtained before acting on the basis of this information. 

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