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Personal Topics:

Why you need to think about estate planning:
 It is vital that everyone of us has an estate plan. All it takes is good advice, advanced planning and some serious thought. A complete estate plan will allow you to protect your hard earned assets, determine who will make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to and distribute certain assets to certain people.  We look at the various steps that need to be considered in developing your estate plan.

Is property co-ownership viable for you?: The significant cost of buying into property may lead many younger investors and aspiring home owners to pool their resources to buy real estate jointly. But deciding to buy a home with a friend, a family member or business partner must by necessity be done with some important safeguards in mind to ensure the arrangement works. We outline the pitfalls to avoid if your property co-ownership venture is to achieve the goals you hoped for when you first decided to buy property jointly with someone else.

Superannuation Topics:

Superannuation and relationship breakdown:  The division of assets is among the key issues needing to be addressed whenever a relationship breaks down, with superannuation one of the biggest assets of any long-term relationship. Now there are "splitting superannuation" laws which means to split a member's superannuation benefit and allocate a certain portion of the benefit into the superannuation account of the member's spouse or partner.  We explain how the superannuation splitting laws work in dividing up the superannuation assets of a relationship.

How to deal with SMSF trustee disputes:  The ramifications of a dispute between SMSF trustees are likely to be more severe than the average quarrel between friends because the SMSF trustees have vested interests, established duties and legal responsibilities toward the fund, where if breached can result in severe penalties. We identify the issues that may arise and how to ensure the fund remains compliant with superannuation laws until the dispute is resolved.

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