There are two kinds of treasures on the Web
Those you want to keep forever, and those you only need to keep until you have a few minutes -- which is where this app comes in.

Small business owners can now download the ATO app for access to Small business assist's useful calculators and tax information, when they're on the move.

You can use the app to:

  • search Small business assist to find information on a range of topics and videos, and to book an after-hours call back with a small business specialist
  • work out if a worker is an employee or a contractor for tax and super purposes
  • work out how much tax to withhold from your employees and other workers' pays
  • see how a payment plan can help you to quickly pay off a tax debt.

Small business owners can now use the ATO app to access services to help with their business tax affairs at a time and a place convenient to them, which can be downloaded through Google play™, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store.

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